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Our company is producing anywhere between 4.000 and 6.000 tons of fruits. We process both: cultivated and wild forest fruits which we sell as fresh, frozen, in alcohol or canned. From all the quantities we do, over 200 tons are wild fruits.


Forest Mushrooms and the Forest (or Wild) Fruits are our first operations since the forming of our company. We are processing and producing multiple sorts of Forest Mushrooms products and as leaders in the region, every year we secure the main season’s quantities from the mushrooms harvest in the mountains. We sell fresh, frozen or dry mushrooms all over West European Markets. Quantities vary depending of the season’s weather conditions.


Besides out Fruits and Forest Mushrooms, yearly we do relatively big quantities of vegetables. Our company was also one of the pioneers of the modern preserved vegetables industry in Macedonia. But unlike our past production, at this moment we are focused in producing vegetables as a half product or simply as raw materials for our clients. We do both: fresh and frozen vegetables.