Fresh Forest Mushrooms

We are processing and working with multiple varieties of fresh forest mushrooms. Quantities may vary depending of the season but in general we do anywhere between 100 and 150 tons every year, from which we offer: boletus edulis, cantharellus cibarius, morchela (conica / esculenta / rotonda), verpa, marasmius oreades, amanita caesarea, cratellus cornucopiodes, hyndum repandum, calocybe gambosa, and lactarius deliciosus.  

Frozen Forest Mushrooms

Our Frozen Forest Mushrooms production is mainly the same as the Fresh Forest Mushrooms production we have. Depending of the kind of the mushroom and the orders, it depends our way of processing, sorting and packing. We do them as whole pieces or cut as cubes. Quantities may vary depending of the season’s weather in the region. Yearly we do between 150 and 200 tons of Frozen Forest Mushrooms such as: boletus edulis, cantarelus cibarius, morchela (conica / esculenta / rotonda), verpa, amanita casarea, and cratelus cornucopiodes.

Dry Forest Mushrooms

We have some of the best picked and sorted dry Forest Mushrooms that can be found on the markets all over Wester Europe. For example, our dry Macedonian Boletus Edulis is surely one of the most wanted Forest Mushroom product in Europe. Yearly we do produce anywhere between 20 and 30 tons od dry mushrooms such as: boletus edulis, cantharelus cibarius, morchela, cratelus cornucopiodes, marasmius oreades.

Brine Forest Mushrooms

In smaller quantities and depending of the market needs we do brine mushrooms such as: boletus edulis, cantharellus cibarius, lactarius deliciosus.

Canned Forest Mushrooms

We are also producing Canned Forest Mushrooms such as Boletus Edulis cooked in oil. Today, by our clients orders  we are still making canned Forest Mushrooms which can be: cooked in oil or natural. Mainly, we process: boletus edulis, cantharellus cibarius.